K16 releases new double sided single – False Prophets feat Sergine + S.L.F.S

K16 – False Prophets (feat Sergine) + S.L.F.S

After a long hiatus, IKUKURECORDS recording artist K16 is back with a new double sided single entitled False Prophets (don’t follow follow) featuring Congolese gospel singer Sergine and the aptly titled b-side S.L.F.S (acronym for Sex Life Free Style).

Where has he been all this time?, we asked him, here’s what he had to say:
“We had some issues with the structure of the label that we needed to sort out. We also needed to clarify our direction and identity, in this era where rap is giving way to Auto-tune Singing.
In the end, we decided to stick to what felt true to us.

To the single, False Prophets is about the rising plethora of preachers who treat God and Religion as a business, whose only focus is to get rich and don’t care what ideology they spew out in the process.

S.L.F.S is about a fictional sexual relationship between a married couple.

Both songs are rapped over grimy New York Bangerz beats. Are they any good? We think so. In an age of generic meaningless lyrics, it’s good to hear music that stands for something. Flow is solid and the beats are stellar.
Well worth the listen.

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